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I have spent an insane amount of money and time on my education and business tools to get my online business going. Many of them are now 'junk' in the backyard of my computer. It's a problem when you are someone who needs to understand the big picture first. 

That's why I want to help YOU short circuit the process!

I want to help people who feel a little overwhelmed by all the info, adverts, course options and products being flung at them. If you can 'see the big picture' quicker and understand the business models - you can save time and money and seize the opportunity quicker and more confidently.

I am the single mom of a beautiful 9 year old daughter who I adopted when she was 4.  I tried a number of business ventures that would give me flexibility -  whats the point of creating a little family when you are not there to be part of her life? I come from the television and video production industry so I knew that I couldn't work 15 hour days AND raise a child.

I realised that creating an online business and the laptop lifestyle was the only vehicle that would enable me to make good money and give me the  precious time I need to be a present parent. 

In my early career I worked in a prominent media  company that launched the first mobile phones, digital satellite TV, Internet & Email Service Providers and Online News in Africa and Europe . They also  bought into a massive social media venture in China a few years before Facebook arrived. A really amazing company.

It was the dawn of the information era and the WWW.  We were privileged to be part of it but it was bleeding edge stuff and I burnt out badly.  

After many  explorations into other types of careers and business ventures, I am back in the digital world on the Internet - to avoid burnout :-)

Twenty years ago, we could see the visions of total convergence and a new integrated global communication architecture that digital technology and the internet promised. 

We knew it would completely revolutionise society and business. As did the young founders of Amazon, Google and Apple at the time and millions of others who created the new internet companies that would  shape this new industrial space.

The vision has manifested. 

 It's the Golden Era of the Internet. 

And the Golden Opportunity is there for EVERYONE!  

Let's travel on the journey together for a while

It's really fun and quite amazing!

Tracy Kirchhoffer

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